Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do ya get the feeling that the 'Cup' is staying in the USA---they will use the courts if the water fails them!

I do not wish to sound negative but I am getting a distinct feeling that if Team Oracle doesn’t win today they will embark on e ‘do or die’ effort in the courts to reverse in victory form Team NZ today. This is a pity and in a sense I hope that they win on the water than use the latter method of retaining the Cup. It is a sad indictment on the history of this famous regatta that disputes are not limited to the water and the court has been a pathway that is too easily travelled. Fir Kiwis, this is not the way we operate, but no doubt we would rise to the occasion if push comes to shove.
Today, Dean and his boys have their last chance to win the Cup, but even if they do so in the first race of the day (That will have taken place by the time most of you have read this!) the ‘litigation brigade’ will be strutting their stuff.
Maybe those countries who were contemplating coming to NZ for a defence of the Cup, should we win it, could band together and design a regatta that represents the true meaning of ‘sportsmanship.’ I am sure the whole structure could be such that only the sporting body that controlled such an event could maintain a distance from legal action beyond that body.
Oh well, let’s see what the result is today!

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