Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wondering when the weight loss will stop!

Mind you. I'm not complaining and it has settled down to less than a kilo a week now.  My aim is to get to 80 kilos by Xmas---that means another 7 to go. I think it is going to be hard, hence the next weapon in my arsenal. Hell, I hope I spelt that right----could have put an entirely different slant on things eh. The new weapon? Why, Pilates of course. My good friend, Lisa is helping me out. I went to her apartment yesterday and she showed me a few tricks. I didn't know I had those muscles. I am told they will be hurting this time tomorrow. It's not all about pounding and impact; it's more about using technique to stretch and bring back some tone to this aging body. My biggest surprise was finding out that I could sit cross-legged again on the floor. Remarkable feeling.
So, do I have nay regrets? NO---- I don't miss pigging out on food that was killing me, I don't miss the lack of energy, I don't miss taking all those pills, I don't miss calling my CPAC Machine (for sleep apnoea) 'Elle, because she has gone! I don't miss the big food bills and I can quite happily say that it is quite fun shopping for new clothes. Last night I even got a bit tiddly on one glass of wine. That was quite fun and inexpensive.
I am not saying that my solution for ridding myself of my former hugeness is for everyone. But for me, well--- I am most thankful for my chance to experience a new lease on life---a much longer one. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and contact me directly, through my website, if you wish.

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