Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is Kiwi Rail going to further run down our railways?

Kiwi Rail is having a series of meetings to discuss redundancies with its labour force. I find this and some of the proposed closing of rail links (The Gisborne rail link, for example) as a short sighted move. At a time when we should be enhancing our rail system, Kiwi Rail (read the Government) is slowly but surely pushing our rail system to the point whereby it will only be a Main Trunk link in the North Island and in the two big cities.
What a narrow view of what rail could and should be. Do we really want all of the heavy trucks transporting goods on our roads, further endangering drivers and putting extra strain re the upkeep of the said roads?
We need to expand, not cut. There is a time coming, in the not too distant future when we are going to regret the actions we are reading about.

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