Sunday, September 23, 2012

20 Shark Attacks in NZ! Terrifying?---No--Dogs and cats are worse!

It seems that we are being attacked on a daily basis by our animal friends and sharks have been just one of many who are the culprits. If we took this headline too seriously we would all be heading for more gentle locations.
Right, let’s get the shark attacks in proportion. The actual chance of being attacked by a shark in New Zealand waters is pretty remote. Only two of the reported attacks by sharks were serious. Having said that, I would still not wish to be in the water when a shark decides to take a nip at your hand or finger. The classic scenarios of a Great White circling then having your bits for breakfast are most unusual. You need to go to Australia or South Africa if you want to part of their menu. Many of the so-called reports of shark attacks are very minor and may even have happened in a boat when a fisherman has hauled a small shark aboard, so we shall not get too excited.
You are more at risk of being knocked over by an excited dog as it chases your pooch. That happened to me when my mischievous Jack Russell ran under through my legs and her follower tried the same--- only problem, the follower was ‘big.’
There are even reports of cats and goats getting in on the act. Can’t you just see ‘Billy Bunter’ living up to his name? Take your lovely pussy--- just stay away from the claws and don’t piss her off when she’s tired.
If you hail from down on the farm, there are the sheep, cows, bulls and God knows what else to contend with. New Zealand is an agricultural country, so expect the odd shoving, pushing, biting and slipping type injuries.
So, dear tourists and others who have read the article about ACC (Accident Compensation Commission) injuries; rest assured, you will be safe in the water, farms, backyards and zoos in New Zealand. Just don’t come at feeding time.

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