Sunday, June 23, 2013

Left-over food is good, but----

Yes, with my new 'me' I can't eat much so there is still an issue re the left-overs in my house. It is hard making small meals and even medium-sized ones, often means that I have to either store them or feed them to the dog. Of course there is always the possibility of 'recycling' them. Take yesterday's big breakfast (for me that is).
I cut up roast potatoes, kumara and brussell sprouts and layered them in a dish. On that I threw in a few left-over mushroom and some freshly fried streaky bacon. Then I mixed up some eggs and milk with salt, pepper and stock, poured the mixture over the veggies and put a cut tomato over the top along with a sprinkling of real Parmagano cheese. I baked it for about 20 minutes then had enough to feed about 6 people. You know what I had for lunch but having it again tomorrow is strecthing things a bit too much. Yummy, but enough's eneough.  So---left-overs is well and good, plus it's cheap but when you have a tummy the size of my new post-bariatric one, well, things can get boring. At this rate I will only have to cook about three times a week!

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