Friday, June 1, 2012

2005---Mr Key praises small class sizes in private schools

Mr key--- what a bloody hypocrite! In 2005 you praised private schools because they have smaller classes. OK--- you can afford to send your kids there (along with many politicians’ kids--- not just National.)
 I think your stance is no longer viable- Who can believe you? The groundswell of public opinion is no longer going to be diverted by your false claims that research backs up your policies. Let’s face it, research can be reported, bent and managed to suit any argument.
We are now going to see how Mr Key reacts when he is on the back foot. Expect some dramatic announcements that he will use to divert us all. Thank God, even he isn’t as bad as politicians in some countries, who would come up with something to really take the ‘public eye’ off the real arguments. ----or is he?

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