Wednesday, March 26, 2014

bariatric Surgery--almost a year now---what's new?

1) I used to take one step up--my brain went up, my body--straight forward---bugger!
2) I now take two steps at a time and my body follows my brain!
3) I used to spend a great deal on food and eat it all.
4) I spend way less and don't eat it all. 'Less is more!'
5) I used to hate shopping in for clothing--I inhabited the 'big blokes section.'
6) I now love shopping for clothes and I am now an internet shoping fan; just love the parcels form Marks and Spence and ASOS.
7) I used to hate walking--it was just all too much and I lied about injuries etc.
8) I can't wait to get home everyday to take my jack Russell out for her run.
9) I used to have bottles and bottles of prescription pills.
10) Where have all the pills gone?  Don't need them.

I have a gift---liife!

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