Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Internet Party---a One issue Party or----

I hope that KDC's new party is more than just that---an excuse for a party, with a hell of a lot more policy than just issue re the Net. If not---where will they stand on other very important issues, lime Health, Education and social policy? Are they going to make up policy on  the 'hoof;' that is after the possible new MPs have 'hoofed it' to KDC's mansion. Don't forget, he can't stand, but he will be pulling the strings from his gaming chair! Can you see that I mean; the gathering of minions pledging loyalty to the KING, as they seek his approval for each and every policy as they seek to find their way on the political battlefield? Are they going to be a 'rightists' party of 'leftists' or try to capture the middle ground' a very crowded space. Politics is a very different world to the one that KDC inhabits and the reality will hit home pretty quickly if and when he ever garners seats in Wellington. What happens if KDC takes an 'unfortunate' trip to the UISA, at the behest of the FBI? Will those who 'serve him,' be able to act independently? Good on him for tyring, but the circumstances give me this uncomfortable feeling that it will all go haywire when it comes to coming up with and balancing dreams with reality. Still, Labour once had a dream, in times gone by. What are KDC's other than one centred on internet access? How will he pay for his dreams and is he more than just a 'pretty screen?'
We need to here a great deal more and hopefully in a manner that is not shrouded in party antics; the glitzy shallow type that I suspect KDC thrives on. WE want to hear real policies, that reach out to most NZers. It's in your hands KDC.


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