Friday, March 28, 2014

Colin Craig pours $500,000 into his 'party.'

Is this the New Zealand way? The fact that one man can pour half a million dollars into getting himself elected (The leader of the Conservative Part, Colin Craig) is deeply disturbing. This action makes KDC look like an 'also ran,' and the other main parties like poor relations at the wedding, only the marriage is seriously flawed; something from an other time of privilege and gerrymandering.
For the last 80 or so years, New Zealand has had something that resembles a more equal playing field when it comes to election time, although there would be some who would claim that National has always had a head start when it came to resourcing its candidates, but the fledgling Conservative Party has surpassed anything we have seen in the past. If this 'one-band-man' can buy his way to Wellington, then we are in for an even more torrid time in NZ, simply because that age old concept of a land of equal opportunity will be seen for what it has been for along in many peoples' view---a land where the gap between the rich and poor is forever with us, but now---it will widen vastly. When that happens, people give up and other forces take hold. Is that the future for NZ when wealth really does ride roughshod over the majority, who turn on themselves as they see the future taken beyond their influence. If we do not have hope, we have nothing.

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