Friday, February 7, 2014

Key fails miserably to 'stand up to the Aussies. Maybe we need to be creative in our delaings with 'big coussie bro.'

Kiwis  have payed tax for many years in Australia, yet they do not get the benefits other 'Aussies' receive. That is unfair in anyone's books. Kiwis contribute to many aspects of Australian life, yet they are treated as second class 'non-residents.' The Australian PM says that Kiwis have unfettered entry into Australia, quite unlike any other group and he is correct in that observation, but he cannot justify the non acceptance of Kiwis as Permanent Residents or denying citizenship to many Kiwis. Yes, we make Aussies welcome here after two years and grant them full rights. OK, that is not going to happen in Aussie. What should happen?
Maybe we should give up that automatic right of entry if it means that we can enter on the same basis as other immigrants to Australia; that is, we get in  on the 'skills and other entry requirements,' then gain the rights that we lack now. Of course NZ would have to 'reciprocate' re the increasing number of Aussies arriving in NZ!

Hey---why not just become a 'special region' of Australia---the Eastern State---one where they can send all the 'boat people' and use us a s tax free 'entrepreneurial Zone.' They could really make us a 'developing State' in an enlarged Australia. Wouldn't that be just dandy?! So come on home, Mr Key. You did a crap job of representing us in Canberra! Actually---stay there!

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