Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kurds---your time has come!

IT is time that the group we call Kurds should have theri own nation. They have suffered at the hands of overbearing colonialits and other overlords for centuries; in Turkey, the former USSR, Syria and Iraq. Now they are trying to deflend an area in the North of Iraq from the military incursion of the Islamic State fighters. If they fail in this endeavour, they are doomed to annilation at the hands of this cruel and dangerous group of religious thugs. They along with other minorities are being forced to either pay 'proection money, convert to Iislam, flee the areas they have inhabiited for eons or die. They have been resiliant up until now but the Islamic State fighters seem to have aquired waepons that are superior to those the Kurds have. Christinas are also unsafe in Iraq and Syria and we have witnessed them too leaving theri homes and seeking p[rotection in the Kurdish controlled aeas. Perhaps the only hope for many minority groups is the estbalishment of a Kurdish antion; one that accpets others as part of a new state. They have so far proven to be much more accepting of other 'faiths' than any of the alternative governments or those apsiring to 'rule' this region. With the entry of the USA and possibly the UK, perhaps the tide will turn. President Obama has reluectanlty ordered his bombers and drones back into the sky abive this God-forsaken region. This time the calls for them to desist are much quieter. Whilst uncomfortable with most actions of this sort, this time I quietly agree.

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