Friday, March 27, 2015

Cricket World Cup official site---well no, but------

I had to laugh today when I read a Face Book page saying that NZ's population has just gone up from 4.5 million to 1.2 billion, I was perplexed until I 'understood.' Then---I laughed myself silly, quite an easy thing for me to do. It seems that the entire population of India is pushing for a NZ victory tomorrow in Melbourne, against our ANZAC cousins. Then when I went to my local dairy I(no I am not going to make one of those absurd jokes!)my friendly diary owner, one of the two who work there, whom I have become very fond of, expanded that concept to add another half billion, courtesy of the citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Sri Lanka! Hell---is anyone rooting for the Aussies? I wont go into why that may be so! This post is an experiment.#goblackcaps supported by and the vast majority of people in my circles. Why the hashtags? Well, I just want to see if by using them, my hits will increase, yes the 'outing' of Roskill! What an unashamedly commercial angle to my post! I admit it so don't bother accusing me of such---that will just have the opposite affect of what your 'shots' were intended. #Roskillbyneilcoleman LOL There I go again. OK, back to the 'game! #NZthumpsaussie and #aussiesbleat and #bringonthesheepjokes. Damn, this is such fun. So---contribute to the multiple threads of this post and give it your best. Remember though #cricketisjustagame! Really? People--above all--just enjoy this fabulous time, wherever you are form and may the game be the best ever.#ofcourseNZwillwin

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