Sunday, March 1, 2015

That 'under-arm' bowl---time to put it where it belongs-----

Aussies and Kiwis have fought together on numerous battlefields and against one another on the sport fields of both countries and on fields far away, re the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and other venues. The result is always one involving a lot of passion. We are bloody good at supporting one another in times of trouble and even better at ‘shoving at each other’ when needed,’ in sports and other encounters. When the chips are down we seek the support of the other but usually it comes before asking. BUT---there was a famous incident back in the 90s, when a famous Aussie had the gall to pitch an under-arm bowl at a Kiwi in a cricket match that mattered. The repercussions of this act have rung through the years, a clarion call to remind the Aussies of that day. Kiwis bring it up at every opportunity and the Aussies try to give some stick back. However the Kiwis have claimed the ‘higher ground’ and resisted all efforts to let it go! That time has come. Let’s forget it---time to move on. There are new challenges, both on the sporting filed and in those endeavours where we need that ANZAC spirit. The weekend was an excellent example of the epic struggles we step up to on the cricket pitch. What a game and what a memory---way better than the negativity of the past. Are ya hearing me, folks!?

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