Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Perdy's first full day at school as my ----

Yes, it’s Perdy’s first full day as my assistant therapist. I was really nervous about how she would be, especially as it started to rain an hour or so ago. I let her have a run with her ball before the students came and she found a secret place to do her toileting, well away from anyone.
Perdy did not like it when I left her in the caretakers back yard and she barked on and off for a couple of hours. Luckily anyone who heard her knew who she was and there have not been any complaints---- yet.
I was also a bit concerned about her rejecting her new kennel. At home she comes and goes as she pleases through the cat door. No such arrangement here. I noticed that she has been quiet for the last hour, so she must have gone into her kennel for a sleep.
 I shall bring her over to my office at lunchtime and let her meet a really ‘switched-on’ group of students. They run the PSSP (Peer sexuality support programme) in our school and they have all sorts of plans to have Perdy as their mascot when they are running workshops for our students. No doubt she will appear on their Facebook pages in the near future.

We had our meeting and Perdy was a real hit. They had her sitting, laying down and were even tryng ot make her learn more tricks---so much for the actual meeting. We finally got around to our meeting and the studnest are going to have perdy in some of the health classes they will be helping with.
Now Perdy is sleeping in my office, while I wait for my last client. I think Perdy will have her first client.

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