Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This is a bit unusual for me, but for parents and teenagers, it is a 'must see.'

This site is a ‘must see’ for all parents and teenagers. You can get the information from a book called Jobs Galore, but isn’t it so much more convenient (and up to date!) of you can access the information online?
At this time of the year many young people are thinking about their futures; what subjects to take, where they should study and what career path they wish to follow. Many teenagers are unsure and confused about their future pathways and some get quite down about it. Using this site and getting g help after working through it can help a lot.
I say, get your kids (and yourselves) online and check out the above site. Make it part of your spare time. It is user friendly and if one takes the time, most of your questions are answered. I get students to go through the ‘job alphabet,’ writing down any job that sparks any interest and going back to it at a later stage.
The exercise needs to be repeated and once your ‘offspring’ decide on some ideas, get them to follow through by visiting the careers teachers/counsellors at their school. Hey, you may even decide on a career change so start ‘your’ new journey. How many adults are out there, hating on their jobs.  Make a change and this book/site will give you a good starting point.
If the site does not immediately open, just persist. Good luck and best wishes,

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