Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are you bored with the 'election' already, Australia?

Kevin is looking desperate and Tony is trying not to look too smug, knowing that he is about to face the challenges of being a PM. The workers of Australia don’t know or don’t want to know what’s coming their way, but they will still either vote for Tony, stay at home or reluctantly stay with Kevin. Like NZ a few years ago, lots of Aussies will stay away from the polling booths and allow a PM to take the parliamentary benches who will take away many of the gains that Kevin, Julia and Kevin brought them.
Haven’t we seen this scenario repeated in countless elections? What is it about people (all over the world) and politics, in that ‘people’ have very short political memories? Is it that we want a ‘change?’ Do we really examine in minute detail what we want for our nations?
Of course we don’t, and we forget all the ‘crap’ that our dear leaders have inflicted on us in the past and vote their’ successors’ back in, inviting a similar ‘treatment’ because, we live ‘for the day,’ not the future.
So, it’s going to be ‘hello Tony’ and feck off Kevin,’ on Saturday and Aussies will be grumbling like ‘you can put your own words in here,’ because you didn’t think about what is coming at you like a speeding train. Workers of Australia—you are about to be ‘derailed!’

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