Sunday, August 9, 2015

Windows 10-----damn, I'm not good with 'change!'

Windows 10 is out. Fantastic, I thought. All my 'troubles' will be resolved re the issues I had with Windows 8.1. Well, that's the theory and then there's the 'Neil factor!' I remember many years ago, teaching the concept of 'Future Shock' to an unwilling Social Studies class---way back in the 1970's I am sure some of those dear students (now aged in their early 50s will be reading this blog and will no doubt give me some stick. That's OK, because I love to hear from them. I AM SUFFERING from that debilitating affliction. Yes, I had complained about how useless Windows 8.1 was and how it affected so many aspects of my 'life online.' I came to an accommodation with the devil that I knew and sort of managed. You must have noticed less negativity around my utterances. So yesterday I finally got the go ahead for the much vaunted Windows 10. I downloaded it and had a few glasses o9f wine while it did its thing---why?---Because I said to sit back and relax---I just added the wines for good measure. Once completed, I was immediately struck by the afore mentioned Future Shock. I had no idea what I was doing.24 hours in to the brave new world' of Windows 10--I am slowly---every so slowly coming to terms with the newbie on the block. BUT---it is a painful process; one which entails asking questions, reading and clicking on various icons, hoping for 'magic.' Will I get there? Yes, I think I will, but there will be blood on the floor, tear stained sleeves and a great deal of extreme language. Such is progress!

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