Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweden---so happy to see you reading my blogs.

I have noticed and increase in 'traffic' from Sweden, lately and I don't mean Volvos, but hey---they are great cars too, if only I could afford one. Well Sweden, make that happen by sharing my blogs with all of your friends and getting them to wither download my book, ROSKILL, or buying the hard cover. I am sure you will find some sad similarities re the substance I talk about in my book. In NZ, we call it 'P' and it goes by other names in other countries, including 'Ice or Crystal Meth on others.Lives are ruined and families torn apart. Please send me feedback, if you do read my book. Many thanks, Sweden. Go to my website for the downloads or--hey---go visit the Frankfurt Book fare later in the year. You will find Roskill there too.

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