Monday, August 17, 2015

Crystal Meth in the USA---'P' in New Zealand. Different names for the same scourge.

Take any city or town in the USA or New Zealand and it would not be difficult to find a family facing the prospect of being torn apart because a father, son, wife or daughter has entered the dark world of Crystal Meth or 'P,' as we call it in NZ. It could start with a desire to get a high, one that has moving goal posts. as the 'hit' achieved on that first 'experimental blast, is never quite reached again. The 'user' becomes embroiled in a quest to fill the gap, to find that space whereby all problems disappear and the day to day struggle of life is an inconsequential----nothing! The need to repeat the experience becomes a deadly fascination and the very existence of the family is threatened, relationships strained and finances wrecked. This pattern of destruction is mirrored in every neighbourhood in both countries. It goes unnoticed at first, by neighbours and relations, friends and bosses, (and employees) as the 'substance' takes hold, until it is almost too late. Lies build upon lies, things disappear as the user seeks ever more money to finance his or her habit. The line is crossed between a law abiding individual to one who loses all judgment of right or wrong. Yet--a vestige of morality remains, tearing apart the person enslaved, as they drift further from reality. Loved ones become incidental as the 'beast' takes hold. There is hope, but it takes a brave partner, family member, or friend to 'be with' the person as they seek to break the hold. I invite you all to read ROSKILL, my book about the effects of CM or P on an ordinary family, and the extraordinary path they take to regain their family. There is hope, but they must dig deep to find the strength needed for the battle to save the family. You can download an eBook from my website, or buy hard copy. If you live in the USA, Amazon is fine but for Kiwis, it is cheaper to buy the book directly from me via my Perhaps you would like to read some reviews. Just Google Roskill by Neil Coleman and I am sure you will find a few. The website is

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