Saturday, November 3, 2012

Come on UK--New Zealand and Australian libraries have my books!

Now it's your turn UK. Now that library suppliers in NZ and Aussie have my books, how about you come aboard? I know people read my blogs in the UK and I'd like a lot more to do so. Hell, even Russia reads them. I'm not sure why; not after all the blogs I have done about their new Stalin--- ooops I mean Mr dear Putin.
So if my friends and relations in the UK want to read my books, they will go along to their local libaries and ask for them. That may need a Libarary Supplier in the UK to be ready and willing to stock my books. You all know what to do and it won't cost you a penny, unless of course you decide to buy a book from my website. You can contact me direct through the website too---go check it out?  AND--- go to your localliobrary and ask.  That's my website, to give you the details for my three books.

Ain't that a good English name? Try Rankin, on the 'Northern' side and Potts and Broughton from the Midlands---goes way back to the 1880's
Cheers mate!

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