Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is 'Church and State separate with Romney?

I can find little disagree with in your article. I would only add more strongly that there is an unspoken fear that pervades thinking people’s comments. Not enough people are saying openly that they do not trust Romney because of the ties he has to the higher echelons of the Mormon Church. The ramifications of these ties are most ‘un-American.’
Those critical of Romney don’t say it because they fear being labelled as ‘Mormon basher.’ ‘Dissing’ a religion is of course not a good look. What I am worried about is that, how can we be sure that State and church are kept separate? Did we in the ‘West’ not win that battle a few centuries ago?
 Yes there have been Presidents who have ‘faith, but not ones from ‘fringe’ ‘agendered’ religions. This must be said about Romney and said loud and clear. How close are his links to those who are in the ‘inner circle,’ surrounded by ceremony that very few in the Mormon Church are party to?

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