Sunday, November 4, 2012

How can the Government justify spending $3 on a private school?

Wanganui  Collegiate has a long and proud history. It has even had royalty attend in the past. Why is it that it needs a government hand-out of $3 million dollars; money that the Government is happy to spend, while at the same time cutting two Special Education schools? That money would have gone quite away in meeting any deficit those schools were having.
Perhaps we should, not be surprised as we have seen this happen quite a lot under the various National Governments. They cut from Sate schools and give to their mates in the private sector. Where is the fairness on this approach? It merely represents their bias towards the rich.
The Minister of Education, Hekia Parata has been loud in her calls to raise Maori and Pacific learning. How does this latest move tie in with that aim? It is a cynical hand-out to the ‘friends of the national Party;’ the ‘Good old boys network.’
That the National Party and John Key still enjoy high ratings in the political polls is quite beyond me. It reflects an unknowing and uncaring attitude on the part of many ‘middle New Zealanders.’ It feels like we need a good deal more unfair and unequal actions on the part of the Government before the majority of the population will be moved to act---at the ballot box. In the meantime the Government is steadily dismantling a once proud and fair education system. Their moves in education are mirrored in other areas of NZ society. Pray that 2014 comes fast and the damage can be undone---once again at a cost. The gift to Wanganui Collegiate is just the tip of an advancing iceberg.

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