Sunday, November 4, 2012

Key's gay gaffe is intolerable!--Foot and mouth disease?

There is a tendency in school for young people to use the word ‘gay’ as some sort of putdown or negative descriptor. That out Prime Minister uses it as a joke is a terrible example of insensitivity from the person who leads us. It may have been a slip of the tongue, but surely he must know the effect of such throw away comments can have on those young people who are struggling with their sexual identity.
When they hear the PM of the country using such terminology, it must send them back into that dark place, where they have been trying to exit. All the work of teachers, nurses, youth workers and councillors, comes to naught when we witness such stupid and careless use of language.
This, from a man who visits the ‘Big Gay Out;’ perhaps in a cynical attempt to be ‘gay friendly.’ It won’t wash Mr Key. Are we seeing the real ‘you?’
I Watched mr Key's response to some questions from journalists and I would say that he regrets making the throw away comment, but does he really understand the affect such utterings have on young people. His only concern is that he may lose a few votes.

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