Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mubarak clinically dead?---- but his henchmen---

As I write this, it is being reported that Mubarak is clinically dead, but his henchmen in the form of the Egyptian Military are alive and well. The Egyptian people have long suffered from dictators and they thought that their struggles were bringing about a great change for the better.
The events we witnessed day after day in the ‘square’ may in the end mean nothing. We have seen little evidence that democracy will finally reign in Egypt. The military are intent on keeping power--- that much is clear.
They have too much to lose by handing power over to a civilian Government. Why would they? Relinquishing the bauble of power is just that--- they will not have the means to keep their privileged position.
I feel for the Egyptian people. Just when they were on the verge of having a Parliament directly elected by the people, they have reached an impasse as the Military regime passes laws to blunt progress.
That the new Parliament would probably be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood could be a problem for other nations in the Middle East, namely Israel. One would hope that they would not follow a war mongering future. One would also hope that they would concentrate on bettering the lives of ordinary people.
UPDATE!  News is filtering through that Mubarak is NOT clinically dead and the suspicions is strong that the Military Government is using this to focus attention away from the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood will win the election and that the unease could well be just a subterfuge to deaden the actions the Government will take to avoid such an announcement.
Is this way of focussing the peoples’ attention from real issues something that we are seeing from our NZ Government? Yes, we are not the extremist model as exhibited in Egypt, but some behaviours are common to Governments everywhere. Power corrupts.

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  1. YES HE IS--- OOOPS, NO HE ISN'T---One wonders at what the Military are actuallly doing here.