Tuesday, June 19, 2012

National Party---you will not silence the voice of NZers!

The National Government will not silence the voice of NZers. The partial sale of Assets is going to go ahead, even in this patently bad time economically to do this, despite the growing groundswell of public opinion. The Government arrogantly sticks to its plans and is showing that it will do almost anything to discredit those speaking against their plans.
Take for example, John key’s claims that he asked people at the Mystery Creek event and that many had supported him. Yeah right John--- really scientific. He ignores the fact that nearly all polls conducted in far more accepted ways showed massive support for keeping NZ’s assets in our hands--- not the badly named ‘Mom and Pa’ ownership that he proposes.
Now we have Bill English (Minister of ‘Mis-Finance’) going on at the greens because they used Parliamentary funds to get signatures opposing the sales. Does he not get it--- that we don’t want this sales programme to precede? He and others in his party will attempt to stop the discussion, diverts us from the issue--- watch out for some real bleepers in the next few days. I bet they have their back stage boys and girls seeking out targets for attack and spurious ‘facts’ to distort the debate.
There is a fast moving train with the light on full heading their way, and it will connect with public opinion well before the next election in 2014---hopefully it is called  ‘Peter Dunne coming to his senses’ and finally voting against this stupid Government. Do you get the message Peter?  We know Johnny and his cohorts haven’t—yet.

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