Sunday, April 21, 2013

Losing 21Kgs and having a crappy 'garage sale,' most definitely has an 'up-side.'

Yeah the garage sale (maybe you call them 'yard sales' in the USA?) was a flop, but eh SPCA gained as we gave them everything left and that was a lot.
Having lost 21Kgs since the pre-surgery and post-surgery phase (day 18 since operation now) means that I have had to look at my wardrobe. Hidden in the darkest recesses of the said  space in my house were many items that I have never worn. Do you know the ones? I brought them in the past saying--' If I lose weight they will fit me!' Of course they never did. All I did was put weight on! The said items aren't so old that they had the old currency (pre-1967!) but there were some oldies but goodies. Neither were they the 'flared' items from the 70's. Most had been brought in the last 6 years and many had their price tags on. If anything, I was surprised at the prices. Clothes are cheaper now. (Thanks, China).
I had stored some in the shed in bins and when I rescued them, I noticed a distinctly musty smell. I thought---hell I can't sell these, so I washed them. In the meantime the garage sale went ahead with its disastrous results. Now that I have hung them up and examined them more closely, I realize that I can wear half of them and the rest are not far off from decorating my 'slimmer me.' There must be at least 40 items of various sorts that I can realistically wear, now or soon. I am so glad I didn't throw them away. I don't care if they are not 'fashionable,' as anyone who knows me would not call me a 'follower of fashion.' OK, I admit it, I am a scruffy bugger and didn't usually give a stuff about what anyone thought. Bugger--what will I do now? Will I really have to 'dress up a bit? I think I am in for a few bouts of teasing when I 'return to the world of work.' Bring it on my dears! I won't be 'fashionable,' but I will be--well---less of a scruff.

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