Thursday, May 9, 2013

'I'm gonna Gok you' she said----scarry eh

One of my colleagues told me she will Gok me and that if I wear my soon to fall off jeans to work on Monday that she will take them off. I said, 'Lucky I don't go commando then eh.' My kids at school also told me to go shopping for new clothes, jeans at least, so I did after school. It feels so much better now, being able to get into normal sized jeans; ones that don't have a 40 involved and I am talking inches of course. Damn, does that mean I also have to buy tops----Nah, I got them sitting on coat hangers in my wardrobe, GOING DOWN DOWN DONW. Maybe I can used to this new minus 25kg 'me.' Of course I shall need to buy even smaller jeans in about 3 months or face the wrath of my 'collectives' at work. Hell, I have never worried about cloths before. It was simply going onto a shop and asking for whatever fitted. Choice is a wonderful 'feeling.'

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