Friday, May 10, 2013

More 'carnage' as fleeing drivers try to elude police.

To die because you try to flee the police is a complete nonsensical waste of human life and the families of those who die are left with feelings of anger and confusion. The police too have to deal with the ramifications of those deaths. Three more died last night because the driver of the car failed to stop. There will be yet another investigation and the results will not satisfy everyone. Some will seek to point the finger art the police. On the other side we will hear those saying that the occupants of the car brought this result on themselves.
Each time an incident like this happens there are calls for a 'change of policy around fleeing drivers.' I doubt that any amount of policy change will affect what happens when drivers choose to run from police. There have been many occasions when the police have called off a chase and the drivers have still crashed because they continue to speed. Then we have the question of leaving these drivers to carry on and then cause accidents and harm to other innocent citizens. The police are caught in an impossible situation.
I do not know the full details of the latest accident so I shall reserve my opinion in this case, but it must be said that we all have choices about getting into cars driven by someone who is either drunk, drugged or the car is stolen. Those actions are the main driving force for the tragic results and no amount of finger pointing will change that. When are individuals going to take responsibility for their actions and the terrible results of those choices!?

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