Friday, May 10, 2013

National and Labour (and others)---you must unite on this important issue!

Staff at a synthetic cannabis store cowered behind a counter as 100 people gathered outside to protest the sale of legal highs today.
Protestors yelled ''High Zone, go home'' outside the Manurewa store, which has been a flashpoint on anti-synthetic cannabis sentiment this week.
Local councillors and board members as well as Labour and National MPs attended.
"Our community has been dealt a vicious, vicious blow here'' protester and local District Health Board member Colleen Brown said.
Labour MP Louisa Wall and National MPs Kanwal Bakshi and Cam Calder voiced their concerns about High Zone, which opened in the last fortnight near a busy bus stop.
The protesters dispersed shortly after midday.
- Herald on Sunday
By John Weekes Email John

Good on you, people of Manurewa. If National and Labour MPs can be united on this day, why the hell can't they join together and pass on 'urgency' a bill to completely get rid of this scourge that is preying on our young people and other? It sickens me that legislation is passed in the dead of night when it suits political parties, but something as important as this has to wait a few more months. Yes, I know it will all go underground but lets at least deal with what we can clearly SEE IS WRONG WRONG!

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