Thursday, May 9, 2013

K2 may be gone but already the next product is for sale!

WE will not see any laws with teeth until August 2013 to stop the sale of Synthetic drugs so it is time that we all took a stand against these shops in our community who are 'preying' on our people, particularly our young people. This Saturday from about  11am, go to Manurewa where a shop is selling this stuff and make your point. OK, I am not saying that we should break the law but there is nothing wrong with making alot of noise and letting the landlord and owner of the business know that we do not want this stuff on our streets. There have been reports that high school students have been smoking it on the street nearby. OK, we all know that such sales will go 'underground,' but it is important that we at least take this step to stop shops from selling it. That will take one point of sale from the equation. Where do you go to make your point?----206 Great South Road, Manurewa!   Lets do it and send a stgrong message.

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