Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'New Zealand needs skilled immigrnats to lift the level of--

New Zealand  does indeed need skilled immigrants in a range of areas in it's economy. That a government department charged with sorting through all of the applicants made a 'technical error' in a recent round  that occurs each yea,r is bad enough, but then to have those slected to be told that there had been this mistake is reprehensible.
I know from experience in helping a person to get a visa into to NZ, that there is a massive amount of emotional stress related to this process. To build one's hopes up and then to have them dashed is cruel and in the end gives NZ a very bad name.
What is more---- NZ needs these applicants--- now they will no doubt go to Australia or Canada. Surel;y the suggestion from one of the rejected candidates is worth considering----bring them in to work in Christchurch. I suggest that they could be 'bonded' for a prescribed time--- much like I was as a young teacher. Then they can move at will and continue to contribute to the NZ economy.
Come on Minister of Immigration--- give them a break---- we can only gain.

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