Thursday, May 10, 2012

Queenslanders--- you are not welcome!

I bet that got you going. No--- I am not turning into some xenophobic narrow minded twat. I am of course referring g to the Queensland fruit Fly. I guess it is a little ironic though that an Australian Pest could potentially reinvigorate the debate about NZ apples entering Australia. Let’s face it, those apples farmers will stop at nothing to bar our superior apples from entering your markets.
OK---- back to the real issue here. The little fly has the potential to cause billions of dollars damage to our exports and have ramifications for our economy that I don’t even want to think about. It brings back visions of those low flying planes over Mt Wellington and Ellerslie and also in the West of Auckland, not so many years ago. Many residents were unhappy about that and we thought that we were not given enough information about the possible dangers of the sprays used.
If it is proven that even one or two flies have started breading in Mt Roskill, Avondale and beyond, then we are all going to need to pull our heads in, literally. The restrictions on taking fresh fruit and veggies out of the suspected areas will be a colossal task to implement. Just think for a moment about all the implications. We (and I include myself in this, because I live in the area) will have to be checked as we leave the area--- How many officials will that take? Can you imagine the delays in travelling around Auckland?
 Will we have men in white suits entering our properties? I can just see Perdy barking manically at that apparition. I say that if this needs to be done, then so be it. We cannot take this situation lightly. Those airport entry TV programmes (Border Control) about Sydney and Auckland Airports will represent nothing compared to what we will see. It makes me so mad that anyone would bring in the foods and products that may have introduced this potential threat. When I see people obviously lying about their declaration cards I am doubly angry. You do not have to speak English to be able to understand the numerous signs around the airports in both countries and when the perpetrators only get a warning or a $200 fine, I reinvent my anger in a multitude if ways,
 Get real tourists and returning citizens--- our economic livelihood is far more important than your imagined need to bring such products. Don’t cry on TV when you are caught--- just DON’T COME!
Wow--- I think you are getting the message about how I feel about this issue, both for Australia and NZ. We both depend so much on our agricultural and horticultural products--- so beware--- we will be more vigilant at our borders and finally--- a message for the NZ Government.
How dare you cut services at our ports of entry--- that is so short sighted? What will you have caused by trying to save a few million dollars?

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