Thursday, May 10, 2012

Middle-Earth calling!

First it was ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and next it will be ‘The Hobbit.’ Well that is how it went with the films. Do you remember the scenes of lush green pastures and then the lofty craggy mountains with brooding castles and fortresses? Of course the hills and the pastures are for real, waiting for you to visit, but don’t expect the castles to be waiting for you when you come to see us. As for the hobbits, well just maybe I could fill the boots of the Inn keeper.
As to whether you will see evil black-coated horsemen, seeking their victims in the depths of dark nights, well the nearest you will come to that will be the goings on at ‘Spookers,’ a horror park south of Auckland. There are a few urban myths associated with that creepy place but you will have to come and see for yourselves if you want to ‘feel’ that experience.
Monsters--- what monsters? You may run into the odd Taniwha, but I will leave that to your imaginations too. There’s fairies in them there hills though. To find out more about that, talk to a knowledgeable local Maori--- there are stories a plenty for a cold night around a camp fire in a primeval forest.
We do have a famous wizard, but he has been a bit quiet since the terrible Christchurch earthquakes. Hopefully he will rebuild his energy along with the new Christchurch that is being planned.
Yes---- New Zealand has sights that will please your tired eyes and experiences to satisfy the most ardent adventurer. If you want to relax on a beach, with almost no one around, well that is possible within an hour of our biggest city, Auckland. You will have a choice of a wild West Coast beach or a tranquil Mediterranean, white-sanded beach on the other side of the North Island. Head south and the solitude increases with even more contrasting scenery.
We welcome you and will even talk ‘hobbit-talk’ if you really want. I suppose that is what the Aussies have been saying about us for ages! Just ask one of us to say ‘six’ and you will get the picture.
Middle Earth awaits you, a land that time almost forgot.

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