Friday, May 11, 2012

TALK TO ME---Chapter 7


    ‘Good afternoon or is it a good early evening for you all. I want to thank all of you who have sent emails supporting me. Don’t forget then ladies--- they are getting it in the next too. Hey--- a big shout out to those of you listening to me on the Net----to England, the good old U S of A and our Aussie friends. To those idiots who are confessing to the murder---- yes murder, well you can’t all have done it---- I suggest you go and see your shrink.’
    Jean started to say something, but stopped as Camilla who had ensconced herself beside her, put her hand on jean’s arm. Damn--- were the two of them going to be watching me?
    ‘The lines are full---so who do we have first---Damien--- how are you?’
    ‘I’m fine Garry. Hey--- me and my mates reckon this is all a big set up--- what do you reckon?’
    ‘Gee Damien--- what makes you think that?
    ‘Come on Garry--- what idiot would murder someone and then ring you, giving you clues and playing you along--- and how do you know it’s always him who rings?’
    ‘Well maybe you’re right Damien--- I have no way of knowing that.’  Shit--- do I say something about the note in the letterbox and the spring gone off my gate? Damien--- what would you say if I told you that the guy is contacting me off air--- not by ringing, but by leaving a note in my letterbox? Is that real enough for you?’
    ‘Same thing Garry. We reckon it’s a whole lot of people just playing--- maybe they want their moment of fame. It’s just a whole lot of crazy people.’
    ‘I wish Damien--- if only that was true. It seems so real to me and I know that the ladies who found the body know that their experience was very real.’
    ‘I bet you’re making heaps of money out of this--- what with it going all around the world too--- next thing it will be ion CNN.’
    ‘I can’t say for sure what the money situation is, but what I do know is that---- it ain’t coming my way.’  The look on Calla’s face? --- Classic.
    ‘He’s gone Garry. Ready for the next one---- it’s a kid. Go easy on him.’
    ‘Hi there--- is it James?’
    ‘Hi ya Garry--- it’s my first time--- hey--- we seen ya down at the bay--- with all those ladies---- heheheheh--- we were all in detention so we came late---- your dogs a bloody nutter eh.’
    ‘You want another detention James? Be good now, but you’re right--- she is a nutter. So what makes you ring in then?’
    ‘I think you’re telling the truth. We seen some wacko dudes down there. Sometimes they look at us funny, but I seen one who’s always lookin’ at you fullas—you know--- you and the ladies.’
    ‘That’s what I keep saying James. We are most definitely not making this up. Gosh—soon someone is gonna say the police are in on it too--- wouldn’t that be kind of crazy?’
    ‘Well, me and my mates are lookin’ out for ya--- we like all those crazy dogs and the ladies are always nice to us when they meet us.’
    ‘You just make sure you say hi next time you see us--- OK James?’
    ‘Sure will--- catch ya Garry.’
    ‘That was real nice work Garry.’  God---- I think she means it. Jeans got to make up her mind--- bitch or that other side. Her face suddenly changed. That could only mean one thing.
    ‘It’s him Garry--- take care.’  See what I  mean?
    ‘Garry--- how’s the dog--- damn she’s so fast—what---chasing those other dogs and the older ones trying  to break up their fun all the time--- so funny.’
    ‘I’d like to say good afternoon, but somehow, I don’t think that’s what you’d feel about me, Todd.’
    ‘What do you mean? --- I’m always nice to you. But you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of me Garry, if you know what I mean.
    ‘Todd--- you must have heard what the last callers have said. They reckon you’re full of crap.’
    ‘I’ll find out who they are Garry--- Maybe they need a little message from me--- like I gave you. Maybe one of their pets will join that guy at the lagoon.’
    ‘Jesus---‘   ‘Garry--- don’t let him goad you.’  ‘Todd--- that’s sick.’
    ‘You should cut those pricks off Garry. They’re just ignorant--- they know nothing.’
    ‘A lot of people think you have the problem Todd-----pretending to be the killer.’
    ‘Do you need proof Garry? You want me to knock off one of those lovely lady friends of yours or one of those kids that walk through there?’
    My heart damn near stopped, or missed a beat. I had always thought that such expressions were overused and totally untrue. Right now--- I’m not so sure.
        ‘Garry--- be careful. I’m not sure where he’s going with this.’
    ‘I think I need to go out on a limb here Jean--- let me go with this? I take it the cops are listening.’
    ‘Todd--- I don’t believe you killed that guy---yes I do believe that you have been watching us as we walk our dogs, and hey--- anyone can find my address just by looking on the Electoral Roll and there are other ways too.’
    ‘Garry, Garry, Garry---- I’m not going to be stirred up by you. Are you trying to make me stuff up here so the cops can ID me? Well it ain’t gonna happen kiddo.’
    ‘Todd Todd Todd--- no one gains by stirring you up, but I have to say everything you say probably tells us something about you. No doubt the many thousands of listeners all have their theories and I can assure you they are letting us and the police know their views. Hehehe--- Maybe I should read out some of the things they want to do to you when you’re caught and Gods knows how many vigilantes are out there looking out for the ladies and me.’
    ‘Maybe I will have to take one of them out then Garry and it will all be your fault for stirring me up. How’s that grab ya eh?’
    ‘What --- do you want to date one of them Todd--- I don’t think they’d be that interested somehow.’
    ‘You’re a smart arse Garry. You shouldn’t underestimate my powers.’
    ‘Your powers. Jesus Todd--- give me a break.’  Oops--- He’s getting to me.’ Todd—just a change of subject--- You know of course that the cops are having a hard time tracking you down.’  Hope the police don’t mind this. It’s so much easier not having jean but in too. ‘So what old ladies house have you broken into this time Todd?’
    ‘Well Garry--- it’s a lot closer to my scene of retribution than you think. Actually I can see someone walking their dog in the dark. It’s not the usual ladies you walk with, but you know her--- I’ve seen you talking to her and that big brown dog.’
    ‘Big deal--- so you are an ex con---- probably got good form. I bet the cops are buzzing with that piece of information Todd. Look out the window--- are their cop cars around you. Gee--- I bet you get a buzz when you hear the helicopter arrive.’
    Garry--- I know you don’t want me to interrupt, but Detective Alex just rang in--- he wants you to pull back a bit. But you are right--- the police are combing the area as we speak.’
    ‘Garry--- don’t think I know that when you take a few seconds break----you are listening to someone there--- I bet the police are contacting the station now to tell you to keep me on. I’m not stupid----I’m using the silly cows cell phone and---- I’ve already left--- oh by the way--- you better get an ambulance to this place, They can figure---- out where it is, but I think I hit the old dear a bit too hard. Catch you later Garry. Watch out--- it could be one of your friends next time.’
    ‘Damn--- Jean--- I should have picked that he was moving fast. He seemed breathless. Shit--- I hope that helicopters up there somewhere.’
    ‘They’re on to it Garry. Hey--- he got to you a bit tonight didn’t he. Garry--- don’t take this the wrong way--- but do you want access to a counsellor or a psychologist?  We know this is getting pretty hard for you.’
    ‘What--- are you worried I won’t be able to keep the revenue flowing in Jean?’
    ‘That was uncalled for Garry. Sure there is an increase in our numbers, money and listeners plus the web, but we don’t want that at your expense--- personal and safety.’
    ‘Yeah right, Jean. I saw the looks on the faces of those twits you had at the meeting. I could smell the greed on their breaths.’
    ‘You’re so cynical Garry. We’ve always cared about our staff. We are one big family.’
    ‘Oh for Christ’s sake Jean. Don’t give me that shit. You were on the verge of dragging me over the coals before all this happened. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.’
    ‘Garry—it’s OK if you stand down for the night. I think that while this guy talks to us, you need to work shorter shifts. Kerry’s ready to step in now.’  And there was Kerry, standing behind Jean, with that motherly, kindly look on her face. I don’t have anything against her--- in fact we have had some bloody good old times at the bar down the road laughing our tits off at the idiocy of some of the callers we get. Oh stuff it--- she’s right. These calls take it out of me. An early night won’t hurt one bit.
    The cell phone buzzed, just as I was pulling out of the car park. There was no one on the ramp so I stopped.
    ‘Dat was a good G. Yu really had me goin—Todd here. Throwing the phone away now.’
    Shit will this bastard leave me alone? He has my address, my cell phone number and I bet my email.  I need to talk to Alex. I think I need a few days off.

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