Friday, May 11, 2012

Someone rang me at school on Friday and---

Yes, you've guessed it--- I couldn't answer the bloody phone---- the new 'smart phone.' It wasn't bloody smart enough for me--- it didn't take into account my lack of whatever it takes to survive in this techno world. I can hear you laughing at me from a great distance--- you should be ashamed of yourselves. If it is supposed to be so damn smart, then why can't it allow for age-related-stupidity? Of course there was a solution.
Now, every day at school, one of my kids in the tutor group I take, teaches me something new and she and the others are so patient with me. Maybe there is a message for teachers here--- they should observe these kids teaching me--- I am sure they would learn something---- something that we (they/me) don't get in PD.! Well, maybe we do, but it seems different when I get a chance to be on the receiving end--- I like it.
OH--- yes, I can answer the phone now, so I wont have to go back to the old Nokia---- sorry Nokia---- SAMSUNG HAS ARRIVED, BIG TIME.

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