Friday, May 11, 2012

The Whangaparaoa---and a gem of a cafe--Local Cafe

I rose very early this morning because I had to pick up a kennel for Perdy to keep her dry at school. That meant travelling to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, a lovely far flung suburb of the new Super city. It has long been a favourite of Aucklanders as a seaside retreat, but is now a dormitory suburb at the upper-middle end of real estate.
It has everything. It has feeling of being on holiday permanently. Numerous safe beaches line the coastline on the northern and southern sides and some of the views are spectacular. I shall return take some pictures when I next visit the little gem of a café we found.
Once we had picked up Perdy’s kennel, we headed to a beautiful beach where she could run and chase the seagulls in between playing catch with her ball. Stanmore Bay is a dream, about one kilometre of sandy beach and space for her to run off her pent up energy.
Then we found the café, in Little Manly village. We knew straight away that it would be good, when we spotted two wine barrels, packed full of fresh herbs and we even saw the owner picking them for our breakfast. The menu was just right and there was a good range to choose from. We both settled on the same dish, with the usual variation of gluten-free toast for my sister. Perdy was made welcome by the friendly and attentive owner, even to the point of being allowed to sit right next to the entrance to keep warm. She was a bit wet from prancing around in the water at the beach.
My sister ordered double-shot coffees but was quickly informed that this was not necessary. We received two strong, great tasting coffees.  I was impressed enough to buy the fresh beans on sale to take home to my little machine.
I was expecting two eggs, but no---- three came out with rosemary sautéed potatoes and high quality bacon on seeded bread. I think this breakfast represents one of the best value for money meals we have had in a while---$16 is pretty cheap for the amount and quality we received. I shall ask next time for just two eggs and not expect a discount, because it will still be good value.
As an additional service, I think it was the owner’s daughter, offered to walk Perdy. Not expected, but it was cool, watching Perdy putting her trust in the nice young lady.
I meant to say that Perdy was a bit of a pain in the butt on the way up to the Café, but that was because she has never been in the car for that long before. The return journey was totally different as she was well exercised and happy to be going home. The name of the café?

LOCAL CAFÉ   09 420 2330--- Well worth the drive!
49 Rawhiti Rd, Manly Village, Whangaparaoa.

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