Friday, September 12, 2014

I took a trip to Rotorua today---to support Tamati---I see he had a little tiffle with National!

What a day! Sitting here now watching the news and reflecting upon it---I am most pleased at how things are working out--for the Grande left alliance! Yes, strong words. Let me take you back a little. Last night in discussion with my sister about the possibility of travelling to Rotorua to visit Tamati, the Labour candidate for Rotorua at the election next week, we gave ourselves about a 50% chance of actually following through, because the weather was not looking good. After a shower, I made a snap decision, one quite unlike the one made all those years ago by a drunken former PM--the Honourable Mr Muldoon! Perdy was extremely pleased when I shuffled her waggly tail into the car and headed to the Bay for a quick run and a poop. I didn't want her farting all the way to Rotorua! Twenty minutes later we were on the Southern Motorway, heading through the back-roads to the 'sulphurous City.' We stopped for a quick 'release' on the outskirts of Matamata, then headed on down the road, with an ever increasingly misty drizzle giving the feeling that the sky was closing in. Near the hospital we spied a park that I wanted to take Perdy to later, after we had met Tamati. Firstly we visited the huge Pack and Save to get a few bags of groceries for Tamati's Food bank or one he supports. Then--on to the main event---the red office on Tutanekai Street, the headquarters for Tamati's campaign to steal the seat off National. CLOSED-----Damn!---was this all for nothing? What was I going to do with the bags of goodies? I noticed a busy shop next door and I made the decision to ask them if they would keep the bags for Tamati. Not only did they agree to that, but they said they do it often. I think they like Tamati! They also told me he was down at the market----the very one we had noticed by the hospital on the way in. After a circuitous route we finally found the park and sought out the man of the moment. A friendly lady pointed at a departing figure and I ran (yes---don't laugh!) after him, with Perdy in tow and my sister wondering WTF I was doing. I yelled, 'Tamati.' He turned and I approached him, mumbling my name. He knew who I was--I have been writing lots of posts on FB---I want this guy in Parliament. He has so much to offer. He reaches out to a range of people who his opposition--the one who is about to be dumped by the Rotorua electorate, cannot possibly reach. We chatted in the rain for a few moments about his much increased chances of wining the Rotorua seat and then he told us about a café that served gluten-free food, but alas my memory failed me when it came to actually finding it, so after a wet, and slippery dash back to the car, we drove back into the central city, whereupon we settled on a Nandos lunch, sitting outside so that Perdy could share my meal. I was most pleased. I had achieved my goal. I very much wanted to meet Tamati because I believe in him. I know he will fight for the dolphins, the people of Rotorua and for a better New Zealand. he brings an honesty that is much lacking in the outgoing Parliament. We need more Tamatis!---but he will do for a start. So after our lunch, it was back in the car. I didn't get a picture of Tamati. I did not want to delay his return to his car. He had a large package with him--the awnings, I think, for the stand. Oh--I digress. Tamati had mentioned that there had been a fracas earlier on. I didn't quite get it, until I turned on the news. There he was in the middle of a loyal group of 'lefties,' throwing it at a group of people off camera. It seemed that Key had not fronted up--something about a flight delayed and HIS supporters were giving it to Tamati and Laila (Mana/Internet) Things got heated and there he was---our Tamati, right in the middle. He's up for it and wasn't about to let the blue rabble worry him. You are on a roll, my friend, one that will take you to victory. I am so glad to have met you. I hope you sold the books I sent (ROSKILL) and kept one for yourself. If not--let me know and I will send you another--------- The journey home had something funny happen--more dramas in my next posting!

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