Sunday, September 28, 2014

China---please do not repeat the 'responses you are 'infamous' for in the past! NO Tainamen Square!

We all remember that famous picture of a single man, confronting a tank in Tiananmen Square---it was the overture to a terrible response from the autocratic Communist Party leadership. Now we have the freedom loving citizens of Hong Kong (China)demanding the rights that so many in NZ did not even bother to claim--the right to choose a kidder of their choice. That thousands of people are defying the police and the Beijing Government and are prepared to risk their lives, tells us much about what the people of Hong Kong wish for. That the central Government in Beijing has a different view will also become abundantly apparent over the next day or so. They have underestimated the feelings out there on the streets. That the rest of the world will stand by an d watch as Beijing reacts will also become clear. What a sad problem. The world will value its economic relationship with the giant that is China above human rights has probably been an accepted fact for a the last ten years. The losers will be ---all of us! Stay strong people of Hong Kong, but please do not go to excesses. A plea to China--- join the family of nations whio value human ideals!

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