Sunday, September 28, 2014

Beaches, food, walking and walking and walking, dogs, kites and walking! AND Bin Inn--Orewa, with the Kumars!

I suspect that you may get the idea that I embarked in a good deal of walking, going by my title for this little blog (well, judging by the title)and I could forgive you for jumping to such a conclusion. Saturday was after all the first day of the holidays and the weather wasn't too bad. Sure, today is Monday, two days after the said 'tour de beaches and various other places.' I tired to post my newsworthy, 'totally different from political event,' on the Saturday night, but two impediments became clear that night. One, I was buggered after all the walking and two, my computer decided to revert to its former issues--that's another posting in itself, but one that the 'Dial a Nerd ' people will be fixing! Perdy had her first walk I her 'spiritual homeland,' Onehunga Bay on the way to pick up Sister Janice---no, she's not a NUN! Oops, actually she didn't! There was an event, a half marathon, one not unlike the distances I was going to undertake that day. NO, the Bay was closed off so we headed for another spiritual place--the cemetery down the road by the raceway! After a quick run and a poop or two, which I picked up---(I don't want any ghosts visiting me!) we collected our passenger and dropped into a car cleaning place where we have Getzy a makeover. The northern motorway beckoned and we were soon speeding (well it is a little Getz, so not too fast!) Upon visualising the clock in the car, we realized that we were way too early to turn up at Doug's place, well the one he was staying at near the beach at Orewa, with two dogs and a cat, but definitely no funeral.We decided to detour to one of the beaches on the Whangaparoa Peninsula, a beautiful part of Auckland with loads of lovely beaches. Perdy was as happy as a dog can be and that says a lot for a happy dog. She smiled and jumped out of the car and immediately headed off down the sand, chasing her favourite orange ball. That kept her busy but not stuffed for the next twenty or so minuets then it was back in the car, with extra sand, and off to Doug's abode for the day. We were met by two excited dogs and a very wary cat and before we knew it, we were cavorting along the endless sands of Orewa Beach; well the dogs were, particularity Perdy as she is a tad younger than her two new friends. Aucklanders are just so blessed with the incredible range of beaches at their beck and call---all close ton the city! While the two older dogs sniffed their way along the pathway adjacent to the beach, Perdy kept up her manic adventurous runs, chasing her ball one second then dipping into outflows that contained God knows what and occasionally immersing herself into the shallows in the tide. After 45 minutes of tis adventure, we gathered our hairy friends, dropped off the elderly ones (not myself and Janice) and headed off to the town centre whereupon we stumbled on a Moroccan inspired café, the Casablanca. NO---Humphrey wasn't in attendance! The food was fantastic. Janice and I chose the scrambled eggs with sautéed potatoes, lightly spiced in the appropriate Moroccan manner, while Doug ordered a chicken, rice and salad dish that judging by his smile was just sublime. He had to take more than half it away in a doggie bag---not for the dogs though. I say we will be going back to try the rest of their menu over the next few months; that is if Doug gets to 'house/doggie sit' again at that neat house near the beach. We also took turns to go into the Bin Inn at Orewa, just a few shops along from the Casablanca, and I was welcomed by a former teacher who used to work with me at James Cook High. She and her husband (The Kumars) now run the Bin Inn there and they are so friendly and helpful Why would I buy my beans and things anywhere else, if I am passing buy? I may even order online. They have a huge range of free range of goodies. Time tin head back ton the house near the beach where Doug was lucky enough to spend three days looking after he dogs and the cat, that bailed up Perdy for a few seconds before deciding that Jack Russells are a pain in the arse! We lounged in the lounge and drank a glass of Pinot Noir while nibbling on yet more delights, found on the kitchen bench---Doug's balking of course. Time to head home and hopefully, Perdy had had enough exercise---yeah right. After dropping Janice at her home, I took Perdy for another run--this time on the now deserted Onehunga bay. Then on the way home, I spied some huge kites on the top of Mt Roskill, the 'playground' that features in my book, Roskill. Perdy gazed upon the flapping monsters in the sky and her look told me that---'enough is enough,' and by the time we arrived home and I had unloaded the car and sat down---she was nowhere to be seen. She was flat out, down on the bed and did not enter the lounge until 9 that night and them only to eat a little before heading back to bed, where she no doubt dreamt of the cat that got away. Me-----what a day, soon to be repeated. Just bloody lovely!

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