Monday, September 22, 2014

China---your silence is ----what?

What can I say about China no longer reading my blog? What can I say about the fact that China no longer lets people in that magnificent example of 'Human endeavour' have access to the thoughts of others. Can I say anything about a country that has to vet the list of candidates in the elections that will be happening in Hong Kong, because some of them may be a bit like me; able and willing to expose the 'flaws' in an administration, one controled by a party in league with the 'military/industrial and financial sector----oops, have I just not described the other great power----the USA? I will miss my readers in China; not that they ever made comments. Perhaps I have misread the numbers. Perhaps the ordinary people of China were 'not' accessing my blogs. Perhpas it was a Governmental body. Maybe it took them time to understand my weird Kiwi humour and perhaps they are a bit thin-skinned. Time will tell and after my period of self-imposed exclusive self-examiniation and a suitable statement of contrition, I shall be once again permitted to comnment on those things that matter---the clothing fashions, the exposing of things USA, and certainly nothing but the total observance of the 'great love' between NZ and the people of China! My words are indeed most sincere!

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