Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kim DC and his big---what? Fizzer or will it have 'wings?'

WE have been hearing for weeks about a huge 'outage' from the big German about how NZ's PM has been invloved in nasty activities against NZers. This from a man who has some 'interesting aspects' to his past. I am a bit uncomfortable about how it has all come to this; that a man who by his own admission attained Residency to New Zealand by means that are shady to say the least.He claims that this was done with the end game of being able to allow the USA to extradite him back to that country to face a rnage of countries. Now, there are those who say that KDC has become involved in NZ politics with the express aim of being able to influence those who such decissions around extradtion.I am not sure. That he has bankrolled the birth of a political party though is woithout doubt. His alliance with the Mana party has also raised some doubts about how one get get into Parlimant, but then again, how is ths not true for other politicians, representing ohter 'interest and lobby' gorups? THis afternnon, KDC and his friends promise to 'expose all,' about the extent to which the NZ Govenrment under John Key has spied not only on it's own citiznes, but on the affairs of other nations re business deals and God knows what else. One would have to be pretty naive to think that 'we' in NZ are nay differnet to other nations that the 'services' that opperate in their name. I wonder if KDC and his allies have not ramped up our expectations a little too much and the 'news' we are going to hear is going to be a big---'and---what's new?' I have seen the machinations about many 'events' that groups oppposed to Governments have done their very best to make into 'mountians,' only to see them flop, if only because so many NZers actually don't care! That in itslef is an inditement re the way we take part in the political life of our nation.That is also reflected in to still quite low numbers of 18-34 year olds who have not registered to vote in the elections this Saturday. For this very same reaons, the impact of whatever is announced today may well be the real 'fizzer,' as New Zealanders shrug their shoulders, as a smaller group express their anger at the behaviours of those who lead us and control much of the economic activitiy in Newe Zealand. If enough people actually cared and transfered that knowledge and anger into political action, then New Zealand would be a very different place. I shall put my cynicism away and listen with an open mind and then-----VOTE on Saturday, if not earlier! I wonder if some people who have already taken the option of early voting will regret their decission to do so!

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