Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 NZ election will go to the wire---Winston, the King maker--again?

So Winnie the kingmaker, will once again hold the nation to ransom, if the latest polls are to be believed. Yes, we have seen to before; sometimes he enjoyed the spotlight for weeks on end. The only way to avoid this is to give the Labour greens ‘alliance’ a clear lead. One would think that the events of the last few weeks would have been enough to turn NZers away from the bully boy and ‘at the end of the day,’ liar we have for a PM now, but no---I suspect that KDC’s efforts to unseat the present ‘ incumbent’ on the throne may have backfired. We should have seen this coming. The choice has often been framed as one between a shady character who got elected last time and the ‘influence ‘of another who came from a shady past elsewhere on the globe. Of course, if one sweeps away all the rhetoric form all the sources purporting to ‘speak the truth,’ then there are other more ‘positive’ choices out there. One of those may have fallen at the line, so to speak. I think you all know who that is! Whether that ‘conservative’ fellow has been the victim of a plot or we are really seeing him for who he is, will be debated, way after the results are known. So---for those of you who really care about NZ’s future, get out there today. Don’t wait for a rainy tomorrow and miss out. Don’t sit in front of your TV, watching the results swing a certain way, only to kick yourself for not casting those valuable votes that will make all the difference. ‘At the end of the day, quite frankly, to be honest,’ we need a clean sweep, a new broom that will deliver hope, where for many the feeling has been for at least six years, one of hopelessness! Over to you my friends! I see the colours red and green!

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