Tuesday, August 26, 2014

'It's the final countdown. It's true I really mean it'---said Key!

Odds on that's what we will hear later today as Judith Collins has yet another melt-down! Maybe she associated just too closely with John Key and she has caught his 'deficiency' of memory. It’s either that or ‘at the end of the day’ she is covering up for the closeness in her relationship with Slater. Those three along with a few of their hangers on make for quite a little powerhouse of lies, lies, misinformation and dammed more of the same, whilst pretending to care about new Zealand. Does John Key wake up every morning and take a long look at a picture of Hawaii and wish that he was there, soaking the sun in an effort to rid himself of ‘what he has forgotten?’ Maybe he wishes he was back in the days of making money, speculating with other peoples’ money whilst getting really rich himself. Oh---isn’t that what he’s still doing? Maybe that’s a bit unfair so let’s rephrase that: He’s setting us up so that New Zealand is for sale to the highest bidder---bet his eye is on Air New Zealand. I wonder which ‘mate’ he has let know about that little bucket of gold! And he retains his followers! That is what gets me. New Zealanders are so gullible as to believe that he has ‘our best interest at heart.’ When are those are same people going to wake up and smell the ‘aviation fuel’ of our leaders plans!? It will be too late by then. Oh well, the latest blurb ‘out there’ is that ‘Paula Benefit’ will take u the reins when he departs our shores. Won’t that be a rosy picture for New Zealand? It seems out pain never ends.

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