Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Steve Taylor---arrogant one law for us and another for you Conservative candidate!

This one takes the cake! Conservative Party candidate for out 'west,' decides he is above the law and needs proof that he has broken the law. This, from a hard-arsed candidate who wants the rule of law to be absolute! Give us a break, Steve. You parked the bloody trialer or whatever it was in a 30 miniute zone---all day and then have the gall to say that just because you didn't get an infringement notice, you have not broken any law. You, who would be so high and mighty re the transgressiosn of others whould look in the mirror of your own sanctimonious standards---you know---the ones you want us to follow! Your credibility is shot! God forbid that you become part of those who would rule us! Then again, you probably think HE is on your side too.

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