Monday, August 25, 2014

Pam Corkery offers ot resign---don't be silly! I don't blame you for rounding on------

So Pam gets a bit pissed off at the media. So what! They need a good barking at from time to time---let's face it---it is all about numbers and stories for them and they often miss the important ones, the ones that need to be told like child poverty, housing and jobs, just to name two. SO---when Pam tells them to desist from trying to interview the 'Man' who would be king of his own party, but can't, because of a few 'legal issues,' then of course she will tell it like it is. That is who Pam is! However---one cant miss the fact that KDC was more than happy to address the faithful,' and tell is story like a naughty schoolboy raiding the cookie jar, then deiceds that he doesn;y want to take 'questions' fomr the media, then he is setting up his 'assistant for an impossible situation. Of course they were going to descend upon him, in vast numbers. I doubt they gave a toss about 'policies;' afterall we have been hearing about them for a few weeks now. They were more intertested in what 'stupidity ' was going to spew forth from KDC's mouth---that is far more 'newsworthy in their view! While KDC fronts the party from behind his shaded windows with the occassional outing that invites chants of hate, directed at the incumbent leader,then expect more frustrated outburst from his party personalities. Maybe the latter will eventually relaize that they have been taken for a ride on a magic carpet.The piper will name his price------eventually.

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