Tuesday, August 26, 2014

India---I see you are reading this blog in ever increasing numbers. Maybe you are catching up China!

I have been pleasantly surprised that China has rushed up the reading board for my blogs. They have overtaken the UK and if those numbers equated to book sales re ROSKILL, I would indeed be most happy. Of course I need you to download from Amazon for either hard-copy version of Roskill or the EBook version. Please note that if you buy the hard copy pone, you get a free download of the EBook. Now, I see that India is hitting my blog in increasing numbers. Why should I be surprised though? There are many more English speakers in India than any other nation on earth! India is also the home country for one of the biggest groups of people coming to live in NZ and given that---perhaps they are seeking information about ‘life in NZ.’ ROSKILL, of course represents a side of NZ that is not one we are proud of. The drug ‘P’ (Methamphetamine) is a scourge on NZ society, reaching into families, destroying relationships, jobs and finances. I wrote this book after hearing many stories from clients and reading about the havoc that this drug causes in our land. This issue is not limited to NZ---it is a world-wide problem! ROLSKILL is a story of hope, where none existed. It is a message of love and what a family can achieve when they get the right help. It is a story that all parents should read and teenagers too, because they need to know that help is available. ROSKILL features in the September issue of MiNDFOOD, a popular magazine that is mainly distributed in NZ and Australia but is available online. Look at pages 44 and 45 and read about my ‘other story’---my own journey with ‘obesity.’ AS always---go to www.authorneilcoleman.com to see more about ROSKILL and follow the links. Thanks India--- please share this with your friend and circles. Neil

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