Friday, October 12, 2012

Pakistan---this is the 'turning point.'

A brave young woman, names Talala has taken Pakistan to the point where no one else has managed to do---the actions of this individual has galvanized a section, the majority section of Pakistani society to take a stand—for decency, tolerance and opportunity for the females of Pakistan.
Even your famous Mrs Bhutto paid a price and didn’t manage to raise Pakistan from the mire of religious extremism. Talala has put her life at risk, all in the name of fairness and empowering one half of a county that has not partaken fully in the life of this proud nation.
The block to a new beginning is the very existence of the Taliban; an organization that would doom Pakistan into the Pol Pot-like country of Asia. Until now, the majority of Pakistan’s population has been too frightened to take on the power of this insidious group. Whilst it is not alone in its opposition to progress in Pakistan, the Taliban is nothing more than a blight on the aspirations of not just Pakistan, but its neighbours and beyond.
History has taught us that these organizations do not fade into the background--- they actually replicate themselves as forces that are anti-humane, whereby the power is held in the hands of a despotic elite and anti-female echelon.
Pakistan, you are part of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organization that at its best purports to hold the dignity of all as its main premise. The existence of such groups as the Taliban does nothing to hold this ideal paramount.
The day will come when Pakistan will be able to hold its head high amongst nations.

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