Friday, October 12, 2012

Malala---it is not just the non-Muslim world watching!

A small brave young woman has stirred the consciences of millions around the world. This incredible person has shown us that despite being gunned down, her cause will continue. Her stand for ‘girls’ education in Pakistan, and by extension for all girls, no matter the religion, is a powerful one.
The Muslim world has been stung into action and given a challenge. Leaving a huge section of the population of a country uneducated is crazy, illogical and has no standing in any of the ‘Holy’ books. That the Taliban says that such a stance is anti-Islam must sicken the vast majority of Muslims. The sacrifice that Malala has made is and must continue to inspire other young girls to strive for an education; one that is free of extremist views.
The responsibility of the majority of Muslims to turn against extremist mediaeval views of certain sections of Islam is a heavy one. Tolerance and peace are qualities that must reassert themselves and that can only be done when Governments in tandem with the people join together to make it happen.
It is not up to the USA and ‘friends’ to force change. Such change can only happen from within. It is then the task of the nations of the world to reach out, not impose foreign solutions. There are many millions of Malalas out there. It is their bravery that will stimulate the change from within, played out on a national scale and supported by the world community.
All strength and best wishes to Malala and her family.

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