Saturday, July 20, 2013

So----don't we all have our favourite 'stance' re sleeping!?

Hi ya. I had a busy day yesterday and well----I fell asleep after dinner and somebody I know took this picture of me. How embarrassing! He took no account t of my dignity or my reputation with my millions of fans. Just like they said about Britney---'Leave Perdy alone.!' Mind you, I am such a forgiving Jack Russell, except for cats of course, so I shall be off today on another adventure. Mmm, I wonder where 'he' is taking me. I hope there's heaps of things to sniff out and chase. I think I will jump up on people who are wearing expensive clothing. Damn, that makes me laugh when they squeal out. Hey, who in their right mind wears 'haut couture' (Yes, I can use other languages too---I'm, a jack Russell!) to a muddy beach? It's true---maybe they're trying to pick up a trick eh?  I know, I shouldn't know about such things, but you would be surprised what I have seen in my three years. right, before we go, I am going to see if I convince one of my masters (That's who they think they are--lol) that I haven't been fed! Don't you dare laugh at my 'pose!'

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