Saturday, October 15, 2011

'It's all about the ball.'

So you're wondering what I meant by 'and who rescued her(Perdy)?

Picture this--- One of my lovely friends brought a 'dental ball,' thinking that it would not only be good for Perdy, but it would help divert her attention when she does that jumping at the necks of other dogs when she is playing. It doesn't matter how big they are--- the bigger the better, as far as she is concerned, but I do get worried that one day she will meet her match and then, size does really matter.

The ball is a lime green and it bounces beautifully. Perdy loves to carry it and mouth it. I know she's a girl and that she should be able to multi-task, but she still jumps up at other dogs, whilst carrying the precious ball. Of course her bites are then quite ineffective as her mouth is otherwise engaged.

There is a problem when the tide is in. When we are over at the motorway side of the bay, Perdy sometimes drops the ball and it drops into the water. If the tide is out--- no problem. She just jumps into the mud and grabs her ball and crawls out. If however the tide is in, that is not quite so easy.

Yes--- you got it--- the ball rolls into the wtaer and bobs up and down as Perdy contemplates her rescue action. 'What the hell I thought-- just chuck her in. I did and she swam around, along with Patch (another friend's Boxer). They think it's a game, but after a few seconds, Perdy decides it is time to get out, minus the ball, which continued to bob it's merry way out into the bay, driven by the wind.

Oops---- Perdy can't quite get a grip on the bank and is reallly struggling to get out. I could have dropped over the side and pulled her out, but I didn't fancy getting wet and muddy. Just as I was concidering that yucky option, Patch leans over and grabs Perdy by the scruff of her neck and pulls her onto the bank. What a little hero. I have never seen a dog rescue another dog--- just beautiful. My reaction?--- well I shall buy her owner breakfast on Sunday morning--- no doubt one that she will share with her clever dog.


WE waited for an hour and the wind eventuallly drove the ball to the end of the bay, where yet another dog (Piper) ran in to the water at his Mum's request and brought the ball back to us and none of us had to get our feet wet. I have decided that the ball now has  a history, making it a very special ball--- one that will not be given to Perdy when she is on the 'other side' of the bay at high tide.

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